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Deposit Protection Scheme

Deposit Protection Scheme

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Loans and Syndications

Loans and Syndications

We provide financial advisory services and arrange syndication of loan requirements for Indian and overseas Corporates. Such syndications are carried out in co-ordination with our Corporate International Banking Group and SBI Capital Markets Ltd. our Investment Banking arm. We also participate in syndications of corporate loans arranged by our international banking partners for short and medium-term requirements.

Term Loans

We cater to the Medium/Long Term requirements of Industrial Corporates through matching bilateral Term Loans. We arrange these Loans in co-ordination with our International Banking Group at Corporate Centre, Mumbai. Term Loans are normally arranged for funding of the following requirements:

  • High value import of capital goods like Plant and machinery.
  • Low cost Foreign Currency requirements of new projects/expansion.
  • Augmentation of Working Capital.
  • We can structure the term loans on various parameters such as tenor, repayment, pricing security package etc. depending on the specific requirement of the corporate.
  • We extend financial assistance to green field projects on bilateral basis as well as in association with other banks. We involve our International Banking Group and SBI Capital Markets Ltd. our investment Banking arm, for assisting entrepreneurs right from the stage of conceptualization to execution of project.
Project Finance

Our specialized staff is always prepared to assess the total fund/non-fund base requirements of your project. Depending upon the size of your credit requirements, we either fund your entire requirement ourselves or syndicate with other Banks, if the requirement is large. Be it expansion or debottlenecking or brownfield or greenfield project, we are always prepared to finance provided it fits into our scheme of finance.