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Service Charges

Service Charge

W.E.F. from 07 SEP 2015

Bank Services Charges
Annual Maintenance Charges
(For Current Account)
Corporates / Firms: HKD: 2500/PA USD:300/PA
Individuals: HKD: 500/PA USD: 75/PA
Minimum balance for SB / Current accounts CA:HKD20000, USD 5000
SB: HKD 5000 USD: 2000
Charges, if minimum balance not maintained
(per quarter)
CA: HKD300, USD 50
SB: HKD 200,USD 25
Cash Handling Charges HKD: 0.15% above 200 pieces
USD: 0.20% above USD 2,000(Receipt / Payment)
Coin Handling Charges 2% of the amount, Min HKD25, for more than 100coins
Cheque Book Issue Charges CA : For HKD / USD Accounts HKD 5/pc
SB:25 pcs. Free, HKD / USD HKD 5/pc
Cheque return Insufficent funds HKD: 300 USD: 50
Cheque return Technical reason HKD: 100 USD: 20
Account closure within 12months HKD: 150 USD:20
Inoperative account charges
(If minimum balance not maintained)
C A/Cs: HKD300/quarter USD50/quarter
SB accounts: HKD100/quarter USD20/quarter
Charges for exceeding debit entries in SB account
(30entries / quarter)
SB: HKD 100/quarter USD: 20/quarter
Charges for exceeding debit entries in SB account SB (without Cheque): HKD100/qtr,
SB (with Chequebook): HKD200/qtr, USD50/qtr.
ATM card / Pin replacement fee HKD: 200
Internet Banking duplicate password HKD: 200
Vosco(if original lost) HKD: 200
Duplicate statement(1 Sheet=12 entries) HKD: 100/sheet, USD: 20/sheet
Duplicate Passbook Charges HKD: 200 USD: 30
Stop payment HKD: 100 USD: 20
Standing orders Free
Standing orders to insufficent fundd HKD: 200 USD: 50
Banker's report HKD: 500
Company report (current accounts) HKD: 1000
Balance certificate HKD: 200
Old record copy HKD: 1000
SWIFT copy for remmitance HKD: 50
Overdraft in CA/C(Interest Rate) 7% above 6 months US Libor
Outward Remittance :  
Banker cheque /Cashier's order/ Pay order HKD150, USD25
Draft Issued (INR) HKD150, USD25
Other Currency Equivalent to USD25
TT issued (INR) USD: 30
HKD < 20,000 : HKD 200
20,000-100,000 : HKD 250
>100,000 : HKD 300
TT issued: USD
Other Currencies (equivalent to USD)
USD: 30 amount up to USD 100,000
USD: 50 for USD 100,001 to USD 250,000
USD: 75 for USD 250,001 to any amount
Internet Banking: 50% concession on applicable charges
HKD Chats HKD: 200
USD Chats USD: 30
Presently maximum amount for CHATS through Internet banking is HKD / USD 40,000 respectively.
Inward Remittance  
Received through HKD Chats HKD: 30
Received through USD chats USD: 10
Received throgh Telegraphic Transfers USD: 15 for amount up to USD 25,000
USD: 25 for USD 25,001 to USD 250,000
USD: 30 for USD 250,001 to any amount
Collection of cheques HKD: 150+Postage
USD: 15 for Cheques up to USD 250
USD: 20 Travellers Cheque for a bunch of 15 Cheques, Min. 15
USD: 50(Cheques drawn on New York)
USD: 75(Cheques drawn outside New York)
DD purchase HKD: 200 upto HKD 5000
USD: 50 upto USD 1000

Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications required.

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